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  • Allen Wannamaker

YesterYear Racing™ Announces Spring Sizzler Sponsorship

Today YesterYear Racing™ entered into a sponsorship agreement with the Stafford Motor Speedway to sponsor Lap #65 of the 52nd NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler Race which will be run on Sunday, April 28th, 2024. The sponsorship will include giving the driver who leads lap #65 a $150 check. In return, YesterYear Racing will be listed in the Race Program and will receive the following PR announcement: "Lap #65 is sponsored by the YesterYear Racing League. Where Past Meets Present." The "Sizzler" will be an open event for the 600 horsepower modified cars. With a total purse of $140,000, and $20,000 to the signature race winner, it should be a great event.

Asked about the reasoning behind doing a real world sponsorship for a sim racing League, Allen Wannamaker, Founder of YesterYear Racing™, said the following. "The current sim racing market is estimated to be a $500 million per year industry today. The CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is expected to be 15.6% over the next six years according to consulting firm MarketsandMarkets™. This puts the overall sim racing market at a $1 billion industry by 2030. I personally think this is a conservative estimate. The barriers to entry for real racing are enormous. In addition, more focus on the environment, as well as inflationary costs will continue to make it difficult for real-world teams to make the math work. With sim racing the barriers to entry are nothing compared to real-world costs. It is also safer, "greener," much easier to get participants in a league or series, and with the developments of VR and AI technology, sim racing will only see positive growth into the future. I want YesterYear to carve out a niche that can grow as sim racing grows. It will take time and money up front, but I swear, the racing in some of these leagues and series are better than the actual races we watch on mainstream TV. It is only a matter of time before FloRacing, Motorsport TV, Racing America, and others begin to stream these series. I want to position YesterYear to be there and play a part when that happens."

The YesterYear Racing™ series will take the track again for Round 2 at Hickory Motor Speedway on April 2, 2024. All races in the 2024 Series are streamed on multiple media platforms by Maconi Entertainment.


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