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Rules of the Road

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YesterYear Racing™ (YYR) provides members with a top notch competitive racing league that aims to emulate, as best possible, the historic setting of races that took place in history. To that end, the goal of YYR is to create an unprecedented and unique experience for racing simulation and history buffs to compete in a collaborative and sporting fashion. At the end of the day, iRacing is simply a hobby. Any online community will only be successful if members gain benefit from being a part of it.  Maintaining an environment of close, competitive, and clean racing without avoidable car-to-car contact is paramount to the League's success.


YYR reserves the right to suspend or remove anyone from the League for any reason. All drivers must be in the practice session 30 minutes prior to the mandatory drivers meeting. The meeting will start after the 50 minute practice session has concluded. Please exit car and shut off the ignition after the practice session ends. Be in the Discord for a 10 minute meeting to go over specific track rules and League matters.

We understand that life takes priority at times, so please advise the Administrator(s) of your situation. Failure to make the required minimum 30 minutes of practice and drivers meeting will exclude you from joining the race.



Treat everyone with respect – If you cannot be respectful YOU WILL BE REMOVED from the League.

  • No heated arguments, cussing or disrespect during discussion in the race channel on Discord.

  • Heated discussions will need to go to another room with an administrator    (The "Panic Room" is created in Discord for this).

  • Always show respect when discussing incidents.


No Arguing with administrators, cussing or calling out drivers – This makes the YYR an enjoyable place for racing and friendship.

  • 1st time – You will receive a warning.

  • 2nd time – you will be ejected from the race.

A microphone is mandatory to race and practice.


A steering wheel and pedals are mandatory – No joysticks or controllers for steering are allowed.


All driving aids – turned OFF ( Except Clutch Assist ). 

  • Clutch – Mandatory or set up a button for the clutch.

  • Ignition – Set up a switch or button to turn on & off.

  • Starter – Set up a switch or button to turn on.


Administrators may or may not manage a race from the booth.

  • Administrators can/will manage a race from the booth, unannounced (if he/she decides to park it) to at any time.


Paint Schemes and Sponsors

All Sponsors must remain unaltered for the entire 20 race season. Minor paint alteration is permitted. 

No duplicate paints schemes or sponsors. (Be respectful of the other members, keep your designs unique). 

Discord Requirements

  • All drivers must use their iRacing first and last name and assigned number.

  • Failure to be on Discord for the mandatory drivers meeting will result in a DQ and the driver cannot race.


Driver Numbers

  • Driver's will get to choose their numbers, but may not have a number already taken by another driver.

Race Communications

  • All Race Communications – Use the iRacing channel only.

  • For General Talking - Use Discord.

  • Discuss incidents only when the race is over.

  • Leader or 1st Car –Announce the pace car position on the caution.


Pitting In

  • Always announce your intention to pit in. 

  • Pit Lane – Always to Stay to the right except when passing.

  • Entering your pit box – Blend in no more than 2-3 stalls before your box.


Pitting Out 

  • Always Enter Track – Middle of backstretch at every track and stay low going into turn 3.

  • Never enter track In turn 2.

  • Right of Way – Cars on track have the right of way so stay low until you reach race speed.


Protect Your Equipment –

  • Control Your Aggression!

  • 0 Resets and 9 incident points for every race.

Race Craft 

  • No over aggressive driving, getting into bumper, or dive bombing corners are ever allowed.

  • Respect – Always race drivers the way you want to be raced.


Starts & Restarts

  • No laying back at the start or re-start of a race.

  • Leader always has lane choice – Must decide before the 1 to go is displayed.

  • Close the gap – Until you don’t see the logo on the bumper on the car in front of you.

  • Maintain a steady pace speed – No on & off the throttle.

  • No Changing lanes before the start/finish line.

  • GO ON GREEN – No rolling into the throttle when pace car goes in (Wait for the green lights).



  • LIFT OFF THE THROTTLE! You can not improve your position as iRacing sorts this out!

  • Damaged Car – If you can’t catch car ahead PULL OVER AND REQUEST A TOW -This helps eliminate black flags.


Accident – Crash or Spin

  • Hold Your Brake and car until the track is clear

  • Use your Relative screen F3.

  • Do Not Drive Into Oncoming Traffic!


Aggressive Driving

  • Getting into bumper – Wrecking or turning a car WILL NOT BE TOLERATED PERIOD!

  • Dive Bombing Corner – Causing an incident by not holding your line.

  • Over Aggressive Driving – When going in to a corner especially early in thee race.

  • Race-Craft – Failure to control your car and do not slide into competitors.

  • Road Racing – First car into the corner has right of way, or failure to yield


Intentional Wrecking or Retaliation = Expulsion

  • Intentional Wrecking – No intentionally wrecking a driver ever!

  • Retaliation – No retaliation to a driver during the race or after.

  • Cautions – No deliberate action to bring out a caution by any means.


Tri-Ovals Start/Finish Line

  • Qualifying Only – Allowed to go below the (White or Yellow) line at Start/Finish line.

  • Racing – Always stay above the (White or Yellow) line at Start/Finish line.


Lapped Traffic

  • Use your Relative Screen (F3) - It is your responsibility to know the traffic situation when being lapped.

  • Do not make it difficult for lead lap cars to pass!

  • Always give the fast racing line to leaders (stay high or low depending on the track, not in the middle).

  • Just "Breathe" the Throttle – Allow the passing car an easier time to complete the pass.

  • Lapped cars battling for position – MUST announce to faster cars.

  • Stay to the left – When it is announced while pacing under caution.

  • Use your Relative screen F3 – Pay attention and know your surroundings while under caution.


  • Warping or connection issue – Drivers with excessive warping or connection issues will be asked to drop to the rear of the field.

  • Black Flags – No Clearing

  • Spotter – It is highly recommended you download and install the best spotter pack for racing. Here are three names with links below:

Crew Chief

The Jimmie Johnson Spotter Pack
The Dale Jr. Spotter Pack


OBRL Penalties and Suspensions

It is advisable to review iRacing’s Sporting Code from time-to-time as it changes.

IRacing Applicable Sporting Code AT ALL TIMES

  • Faster Car – Has the responsibility to safely overtake the slower car.

  • Slower Car – Has the responsibility to maintain a consistent line.

  • Slower Car Being Lapped – It is strongly recommended to make every reasonable effort to facilitate a safe pass.

YYR Penalties - SPP (Self Policing Penalty) System

A driver that makes contact, spins, or impedes the forward momentum of another vehicle while attempting to pass or prevent a pass by getting into the bumper, rear quarter or door must call a penalty on himself/herself. He/She can do either of the following depending the situation.

  • No Caution – Must do a Green Flag Pass Through penalty within 2 laps of the incident.

  • Brings out a caution – Must go into the Pits and serve an EOL (End of the Line) penalty.

  • Give it Back  – If No Damage , incident points, or considerable loss off track position(s) is caused, the Offender can relinquish the position and allow the other driver to re-establish his race line (i.e. give the spot back). 

  • Serving an EOL – Don't speed going into, or coming out of the pits, as that will result in a black flag penalty. You can just wait in your pit stall until the field goes by if no Cars are a lap down.


Replay Committee

  • If a driver is found to be at fault and caught not serving a penalty, that driver will be DQ’d and lose all points, except for incident points accrued during the race.

  • SPP COUNT RULE: Drivers are permitted 3 SPP (Self Policing Penalties) in the 20 week YYR Series. If a driver receives 4 SPP penalties within the 20 race Series, a one (1) race suspension from the Series will occur.


Race Review Penalties

  • All Review Race Penalties will continue to carry over until the penalty has been served.

  • It is not the responsibility of Race Review Committee or Administrators to follow/remember why the penalty was assessed. Please visit YYR's penalty page if you have forgotten why you received the penalty.

EOL Penalties


  • EOL(a) – Failure to maintain pace speed or close the gap, resulting in an incident – This can include any contact or disruption during pacing.

  • EOL(b) – Changing lanes before start/finish line on restarts – This can include any violation of Restart Rules.

  • EOL(c) – This Can Include Violations Of Restart Rules.



  • EOL(d) – Failure to maintain racing line resulting in an accident with another driver.
    Example: Getting loose exiting a turn, drifting into another driver's lane.

  • EOL(e) – Failure to accurately judge completion of a pass resulting in contact ("Bonehead" move or mistake).
    Example: A car attempts to pass low in a corner and moves up too early on exit resulting in contact with the slower car.

  • EOL(f) – Misjudging a braking zone causing contact with the car in front.

  • EOL(g) – Bump drafting at any track which results in spinning a car.

  • EOL(h) – Over aggressive driving.


  • EOL(i) – Failure to follow announced rules and entering or exiting pits incorrectly (Hot Pit or no Hot Pit, pitting from wrong lane etc.)

  • EOL(j) – Failure to drive down the right side of pit lane.

  • EOL(k) – Driving through 4 or more stalls before entering pit stall (i.e. Ghosting pit boxes).

  • EOL(l) – Not driving your car to the pits after a race or before disconnecting. (Leaving your car on the track).


Under Caution

  • EOL(m) – Failure to call for a tow when severely damaged or failure to catch up to the field in a timely manner – Causing Black Flags or disruption to other competitors.

  • EOL(n) – Failure to properly slow down during caution resulting in incident.

  • EOL(o) – Failure to safely navigate vehicle after or during a wreck. (Driving across traffic , re-entering track, etc.).


Green Flag Pit Stop Penalties (GFPS)

Description: The driver must do a pit road pass through without stopping in his/her pit. Must cross the S/F line and take the green before going into the pits to serve the penalty.

  • GFPS(a) – EXCESSIVE name calling, berating another driver, or aggressive chatting on ALL RACE CHANNELS when incidents occurs.



  • GFPS(b) – Aggressive restart and/or causing checkup behind. Can include any violation of YYR Restart Rules that is deemed aggressive and/or causes significant events/damage.
    Example: Going before the car in front goes and wrecking the car in front.



  • GFPS(c) – Failure to GET OUT OF THE THROTTLE for an accident or when the caution comes out.

  • GFPS(d) – Getting into the bumper or side of the car in front. Including “dive bombing” a turn.

  • GFPS(e) – Over aggressive driving by FAILURE TO HOLD LINE, sliding up into another car and causing a wreck.

  • GFPS(f) – Over aggressive driving, spinning another car on the straightaway or anywhere.

  • GFPS(g) – AGGRESSIVE BLOCKING on entry and exit of turn.

  • GFPS(h) – BLOCKING with an aggressive move or last second attempt to block a passing car resulting in an accident.

  • GFPS(i) – Bump drafting in a TURN on Super Speedways or any track, resulting in an accident.

  • GFPS(j) – "Bump and Run" type of passing or “Slide Jobs” that cause a wreck. The “Passer” will be deemed at fault for all examples of these passes.

  • GFPS(k) – Driving back into the racing line after spinning or wrecking without a caution.
    Example: A driver gets loose exiting turn 4 and goes into the grass, but saves the car and re-enters the track going into turn 1 and  then hits other cars; or a car gets turned on a road course and hits another car while attempting to turn around

  • GFPS(l) – Driving below the yellow line in an attempt to shorten the track or make a pass.
    Note: All tracks are different and this rule can be waived during the drivers meeting

  • GFPS(m) – Re-Entering the track in the racing line impeding the faster cars.

  • GFPS(n) – Failure to hold brake, or improperly operating vehicle after or during an accident resulting in damage to another car.

  • GFPS(o) – Failure to yield to lead lap cars by staying in the racing groove, and holding up lead cars that were battling for position. This does not apply when lapped down cars are also battling for position with 10 laps to go.



  • GFPS(p) – Failure to drive down the right side of pit lane resulting in damage to another car.

  • GFPS(q) – An Aggressive or last second pit entrance causing damage to other cars.

  • GFPS(r) – Improper pit road exit (Exiting before the middle of the backstretch), or moving up into the racing line when exiting the pits resulting in an accident.

  • GFPS(s) – Entering the pit road improperly.

       Example: coming from the top line

  • GFPS(t) – Failure to call out your intention to pit causing an incident, OR getting into a driver that has called out his intention to pit.



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