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  • Allen Wannamaker

Ryan Pittman Notches First Win of the Season

Ryan Pittman took home the Virginia 150 victory Tuesday night and controlled most of the race. In a race riddled with cautions, Pittman prevailed due to being incredibly good on restarts and mistake free under pressure. Tom Ogle, who finished second, was on Pittman’s bumper all night, but the Ohio driver could not get in front. “Ryan was very fast. I really needed a long run to have a potential opportunity to get around him, but that did not happen. Even on a long run, I am not sure I could have gotten around him without Ryan making a mistake given the difficulty of passing here at the paper clip. He was smooth and consistent all night,” Ogle said in the post-race interview. Lloyd Moore rounded out the podium with a rather uneventful run, which is more than what most drivers could say.

The frequent caution flags were a bit of a surprise given only 19 drivers took the grid. In the YesterYear Classic, which was round one of the Series back in March, there were 29 drivers that started the race and less than half the cautions.

The YesterYear Racing™ League will go on hiatus in the month of May before returning to Thompson Speedway on June 4th for the Connecticut 150. Founder and League owner Allen Wannamaker stated, “It will give drivers a chance to test for some of the upcoming tracks we will go to, it will allow them to hopefully attend actual races and support their local tracks, and it will also free up 5 straight weeks of Tuesday nights to spend more time with family and friends. I never wanted this League to be a burden and simply another weekly sim racing series that would be a “time suck” for drivers. The great thing about following modified racing series in history is that these series do not race every week. They truly race only about 14-17 races per season.”


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