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Thank you for visiting YesterYear Racing™ (YYR).  YYR is unique in iRacing in that the League ties history with present day. You might be wondering where the "history" comes in since, after all, we are iRacing.   Because of the many customizable parameters on the iRacing platform, each race in YYR is set up based on a historical race that took place in the past.  Race length, track, time of day, point system, rules, number of entries, and weather are all set based on the actual race in history.

The primary goals of YYR are to provide a friendly, unique, and entertaining series for racers, to bring more attention to short track racing's rich history, and to advocate and lobby iRacing to scan and launch more asphalt short tracks that these cars race on.


The first YYR race will be run on Tuesday, March 12, 2024 followed by 14 additional races with the last one culminating on Tuesday, October 29, 2024. Races take place on Tuesday's at 8:30pm EDT/EST after both a practice and qualifying session.  Every 2024 race will be professionally broadcast by Maconi Entertainment and streamed live on multiple social media sites.  The inaugural YYR Series is based on the 1990 NASCAR Whelen Modified Series and the 1990 S.M.A.R.T. Modified Series.

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Good luck this year!

Allen Wannamaker


Verre de Canon

Verre de Canon Trophy
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